We’re probably about a third of the way through recording the new Attic Lights album. Don’t have a name for it yet but I’m sure that will come. Four tracks completed but not mixed. We’re all enjoying it. It’s raw. It’s a sort of back to basics feeling. It’s a live rock band playing in a room. This time we’re keeping the production at a minimum and going for the sound of four guys who write and play with great chemistry. It reminds me of the sound we had when we first started rehearsing in Colin’s Attic way back when. Maybe we’ve come full circle. Current influences on the record – Big Star, Beach Boys, Velvet Underground, Neil Young, Pixies, Alex G, Jay Som, Will Oldham, Kings of Convenience.

Next session is putting the backing tracks down for another six songs. Which means figuring out how those songs are supposed to go. We’ve all got our own ideas about that. That’s a problem for four pig-headed creatives. Yeah, we frustrate one another, argue and probably now and then think, ‘to hell with this, I’m quitting,’ but at the end of the day, when the four of us get in a room and play, the sound that comes out is not something any of us could create as individuals. Luckily for us, it’s a sound that lets us make albums for record companies. And when we’re not playing, we’re probably taking the piss out of one another. Put the four of us in a room and most of the time we’ll be laughing. That’s something I always forget. How much we make one another laugh. Obviously I’m the funniest and the other guys all look up to me and view me, if not as a seer or God-like figure, then definitely as some form of supernatural being or Overlord 😉

But yeah, the magic is still there for us, as people and musicians. We’re really looking forward to letting you all hear what we’re doing because we think it might be the best record we’ve ever made. More updates soon. Kev